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Following your joy with Courtney Cerrut‪i

Jamie and Tara talk to Courtney Cerruti, maker extraordinaire. We ask what a typical week for someone who works at Creative Bug, has an art practice, writes books, co-owns a retail space and teaches workshops looks like. She also talks about the challenges of building a brand when your passions cross a number of mediums and projects!


Building a life and career as an artist with my guest Courtney Cerruti

Courtney is an artist, collaborator and Editor-In-Chief at Creativebug, an online arts and crafts education site. She’s authored 5 books, one of which was released earlier this year and is called Make Art Where You Are and her new one, One Color a Day releases in September.  She’s a new mom but still attempts to do something creative everyday.

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Creative Living with Jamie (episode 262): Interview with Courtney Cerruti

Lately I’ve been wondering whether there’s value in dreaming impossible dreams, and that’s where the conversation starts this week. It seems an appropriate question since my guest, Courtney Cerruti, is one of those creatives who seems to do six impossible things before breakfast! She and I talk about creative productivity, finding your own artistic voice and why it’s worthwhile to do things that are scary!

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