So many of us are on a quest to incorporate creativity into our lives, but short on time and resources, we’re not sure how to begin. For inspiration and sage advice, we turn to artist and explorer, Courtney Cerruti, who incorporates art into everything she does and finds beauty in even the most mundane moments. This Daily Practice is perfect for aspiring artists, crafters who are in a rut, and anyone who suspects that a creative habit would be good for their soul - your eyes will be opened to new creative possibilities that are easy to practice every day. No matter your skill level, we hope you’ll show up, bring a playful attitude and a willingness to try new things.

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Artist and author Courtney Cerruti provides an in-depth look into her tool kit for capturing the essence of a place and your personal impressions of everything you see around you. Using her book of the same title, she’ll share techniques you can do in as little as a few minutes. From a five-minute blind contour drawing to mixing a color palette of your surroundings, find opportunities to draw, make marks, and paint while you are on the move or in your own home. Courtney will share her favorite ways to use colored pencil, watercolor, and brush marker pens to create evocative sketches. Even if you only have five minutes, she encourages you to seize the moment for making art every single day.

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Learn how use the Gelli Plate to make layered and textural prints. The silicone plate is infinitely reusable and is adept at printing both flat shapes and dimensional items like botanicals, fibers, textiles and more. Learn how to print on both paper and fabric in a process that is fast and addictive. Courtney will even share an trick for making an image transfer using the gelli plate. The unexpected beauty in every print ignites an insatiable curiosity that can only be cured by an afternoon of printing.

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Turn those small, intimate moments from life into a permanent treasure by transferring them onto wood. Courtney Cerruti shows you one of her favorite techniques from her book, Playing with Image Transfers, using a color or B&W photocopy and a few simple materials. She also shows a few different finishing techniques to customize your miniature works of art. The wood adds luminosity and brings out the beautiful, muted colors in your photograph.

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When Andy Warhol first used this blotted-line monoprint method, illustrators were amazed – and they’re still amazed today! In this class, Creativebug’s resident artist, Courtney Cerruti, walks you through the very same process that Andy Warhol made famous using simple materials: a nib pen, acrylic ink and transparency film. Plus, of course, you’ll need a wonderful image to trace. Without any drawing skills required, you’ll learn how to create one-of-a-kind monoprints by tracing over the image, then adding a touch of watercolor to make your designs pop.

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Zines are DIY booklets (“zine” is short for magazine) – perfect for showcasing your artwork and sharing with friends. Zine enthusiast, Courtney Cerruti, shows you how to make four simple zine structures using copy paper and a photocopier, including 8 or 16-page books made from a single sheet, an accordion book, and a pamphlet stitch book. Courtney fills her zines with found photos and doodles, but you can feature anything that sparks your imagination. Drawing from her own collection of zines, Courtney shows examples of each structure to get you inspired.

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